choi-randy: Hey! I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you get the photoset layout like in the one in your TOP Don't Go Home gifs? Like stack them on top of each other?

Hi :) hopefully I explain this good. >.<

well first you have to get/download “custom photoset layouts
If you use firefox as your browser you shouldn’t need to download anything extra, but if you’re a google chrome user you might have to download this first. Once you installed that, then install the custom photoset layouts for chrome.  After you install it should work. When you want to post a photoset/gifset now it should look like this


now if you want to make a gif set or photoset stacked on top of each other…
Choose the files you want to put…you can only post up to 10 pics/gifs and the size of 10mb as always. On the “use custom” for the pics/gifs to be stacked for example I’m posting 5 pictures I’m going to put 5 #1’s. After posted the 1’s then click the “use custom” button…so when you publish it can looks stacked.image

if you always want them to be stacked then you always put 1’s according to the # of pics you want posted.

it should work once posted :) try it out on drafts first if you want ^^ 

If you have other questions or are still confused I’ll try to explain better~

thank you for asking c:


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